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Information for Company Owners

Employers can encounter a myriad of unanticipated issues involving employees and sometimes they are emergencies. For example, an employer may discover that a trusted employee is stealing confidential, proprietary information or diverting clients. Or, that an employee threatened a co-worker. Attorney O'Leary has extensive experience with emergency work-related situations and is only a call away. She will lend knowledgeable help to employers who are navigating unexpected work place emergencies.

Attorney O'Leary also advises employers on employee hiring and firing. She often drafts Employment Agreements and other documents associated with the hiring process for employers as well as Separation Agreements and Releases.

When employees violate employment agreements such as non-competes or misappropriate company trade secrets it may be necessary to make demand on and ultimately sue the former employee. Situations along these lines require prompt and decisive actions and, if they end up in court, the pursuit of immediate, injunctive relief. Attorney O'Leary has a wealth of experience and a successful track record in these types of lawsuits.

Attorney O'Leary defends employers against claims of discrimination and wrongful discharge.

She also assists employers in formulating employment manuals and workplace policies that operate in the employer's favor.

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